Contact microphones attached to a hotel window


Tallinn, Estonia, 2013. Early in the morning listening to the traffic below the hotel window. The sound of the quotidian sounding exotic in this unfamiliar terrain.



The act of recording that morning has deeply imprinted that simple moment into my memory. I remember a light layer of snow in the gutters slowly melting under a weak winter’s sun, the sound of traffic drifting according to the changes in the traffic lights.




It was the only recording I made while in Tallinn. I preferred to walk the streets without the feeling of urgency to capture sounds.




Years later, on the other side of the world, I listened again to that recording. With the aid of filters I pushed the recording beyond its original form. The traffic droned and washed past in previously unrealised pitches and tones. Somehow this distortion mirrored the evolution of memory, it established a new truth.

13 thoughts on “Tallinn

      1. OK, understood.

        It would be the most wonderful project to collect your work into a designed audio (even visual) experience; to be able to listen to this as a curated EP, for example. If ever you are interested in a collaboration of this kind, I would be eager. I am a graphic designer by profession and a digital musician by obsession. I’m just thinking out loud here—I am a little in love with what you’re doing conceptually and would buy your work instantly if it were on Bandcamp.


      2. Thanks again for your interest … it’s nice to know someone is out there who enjoys these sounds. When I have a bit more time on my hands it’d be great to put something together.


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