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Contact microphones attached to a hotel window


Tallinn, Estonia, 2013. Early in the morning listening to the traffic below the hotel window. The sound of the quotidian sounding exotic in this unfamiliar terrain.



The act of recording that morning has deeply imprinted that simple moment into my memory. I remember a light layer of snow in the gutters slowly melting under a weak winter’s sun, the sound of traffic drifting according to the changes in the traffic lights.




It was the only recording I made while in Tallinn. I preferred to walk the streets without the feeling of urgency to capture sounds.




Years later, on the other side of the world, I listened again to that recording. With the aid of filters I pushed the recording beyond its original form. The traffic droned and washed past in previously unrealised pitches and tones. Somehow this distortion mirrored the evolution of memory, it established a new truth.

Auditory Visions: Atmosphere II by Michael Schlitz

Schlitz_Atmosphere II

Atmosphere II by Michael Schlitz


Living in his Tasmanian bushland home Michael Schlitz is closer to nature than most. As a result Schlitz’s work depicts abstracted trees, landscapes and representations of the elements. The 5 prints which comprise the Atmosphere series continues this practice with each work illustrating the different patterns of weather that envelope and affect us.

Schlitz’s striking woodblock prints are at once alien yet recognisable. Fine black lines cut through the air in a tempestuous yet balanced manner. Atmosphere II depicts snow drifting and swirling on its descent to earth. It is a quiet scene which needed to be reflected in its auditory companion piece.  I used a field recording of snow dropping on fallen dried leaves (from my Estonian residency) to form the central feature in the composition. Subtle tones fade in and out, moving with the wind, in an attempt to position the viewer high in the atmosphere in a place of solitude or isolation.

Auditory Visions continues till October 24th at Lismore Regional Gallery. For those of you who aren’t in the local area please visit the Auditory Visions website to access the prints and sounds from this exhibition.

Colour of Sound: Indigo


A short sample from Indigo. To listen to the full version go to ABC Soundproof.

In this penultimate episode of the Colour of Sound series we visit Isaac Newton as he investigates the nature of light and colour. It was Newton who formally identified the ROY-G-BIV colour spectrum after his experiments passing light through glass prisms.

Newton also attempted to connect colour with sound, a move which is often seen as an embarrassing blip in his career. He described each of the seven colours as musical intervals. Indigo, the colour of the supernatural, was described as a 6th interval.

Please go to ABC Soundproof to hear the episode in its entirety.