Electricity Pylon, Adelaide Hills.

The best way to end a field recoding trip

It was the last day of the road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide. My spirits were down knowing that in a few hours I’d be flying back home to the land of the familiar. Driving through the hills just outside Adelaide I saw one of my favourite objects to record: an electricity pylon. These massive phallic objects sitting in fields in perfect symmetry have always been a visual treat and a frustratingly inaccessible object to record. Wire fences and “no trespassing” signs have prevented me from recording the majority of pylons that I have passed but this particular beauty sat in a park without any protection.

It was begging to be recorded. I screeched the car to a stop and attached contact microphones onto its lovely metallic frame. I could have sat underneath listening to its vibrations for hours but I had a plane to catch. So here I present a few minutes of a longer file that I recorded, this object of splendour and horror.


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