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Tone Variation i

tone variation


Filters, oscillators, each eliciting the hidden potential within one sustained note. Many an hour has been spent listening to the variations within synthesised tones and field recordings alike. Sitting in the darkness with headphones on it is easy to get lost between layers of sound. A gentle and gradual process of exploration where time is lost, the mind moving beyond the structure of the clock, instead we are transported by sound itself.

Dreaming, you glide



Light reflecting on a wall in Adelaide


Posts on soundslikenoise will be a little sporadic while I complete compositions for a number of upcoming exhibitions.

Dreaming, you glide is a work in progress, to be listened to in an exhibition featuring sculpture and sound.




Thalamus, the part of the brain that transmits sensory information and regulates consciousness, was originally designed for a piece in an upcoming sculpture exhibition.

After working on the sound for quite some time I decided it would overwhelm the viewing experience. Rather than discarding it Thalamus has found a new life here on soundslikenoise.

Surveillance 2.0 – 9’03”

Surveillance usually refers to the observation of a government on its people. In this era surveillance is automatically connected with hi-technology such as satellites, security cameras, and the interception of electronic communication.

I believe that there is a more insidious form of surveillance: the social control that we exert upon each other through culturally constructed value-judgements. As a society we monitor the behaviour of friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. Our approval or disapproval of their behaviour helps to police their actions. In turn our actions are equally modified due to the knowledge that people are constantly judging us.

This soundscape features a modified field recording of a police helicopter as it flies overhead. The relatively peaceful isolation of this rural area accentuates a sense of invasion when the sound of police helicopters approach.