Coil pickups and microsounds

Energy saving lights sound pretty active to me

Microsounds. Here the volume of their minuscule pulses and bleeps have been increased considerably. I love their secret little world. The chatter of electrical-based objects being revealed through coil pickups.

Listening to some objects today, it seemed as though their tones reflected my own inner tension. Quite a few of you might be feeling the same at this point. This flickering light was my first object of interest.

Then, an air-purifier helping to keep the walls clean of mound in this sub-tropical environment. I love the crisp steady pulses that can be heard as the pickup is moved across different parts of its body.

Finally, a modem. Within this sonic chaos data is sent backwards and forwards, its mechanisms inaudible without the aid of the microphones. A good thing, I think.

In 2020 the perimeter of our lives has become smaller. The domestic space and its sounds are more prominent than ever. And what’s better is we have the time to listen.

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