Pulse: a new release on hemisphärenokukyo

A short sample from Pulse ix:

I love the process of listening to the world through coil pickups. Without them our electrical appliances appear to sit silently throughout the home, lifeless. But what a difference it makes to direct a coil pickup towards these same objects. Crackles, blips, bleeps … each appliance with its own voice, its own distinct personality heard through its electrical pulse. It is one of the joys of field recording, to unveil a hidden world of sound.

My latest release Pulse (through the Hemisphärenokukyo label) features recordings from common home appliances. Over 10 tracks you will hear raw recordings interspersed with more compositional pieces that twist and distort the original recordings.

If you would like to hear the album in full visit the (very wonderful) Hemisphärenokukyo site.






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