Listening to Rona Green’s “King of Punchbowl” and “Nastja”

King of Punchbowl by Rona Green

Rona Green is well known for her hand coloured linocuts of hybrid figures. King of Punchbowl and Nastja exemplify her interest in the world of people living on society’s edge. Green creates characters who identify themselves through visual markers such as tattoos. One of the strongest auditory markers of personality is music. Both of Green’s prints are therefore connected through styles of music that I imagined her characters listened to. Thus King of Punchbowl’s protagonist was transformed into an urban creature whose passion is hip-hop culture. The auditory companion features hip-hop music and finishes with an unsuccessful attempt to phone Nastja (below). Is she avoiding him?

Nastja by Rona Green

I chose to position Nastja in a nightclub dancing to house music. Her enjoyment of the evening is repeatedly interrupted by the phone calls from the King of Punchbowl’s protagonist. Although I wanted both pieces to mirror Green’s immediate sense of fun, I also wanted to delve into the social layers she presents through her characters. I hope that the inclusion of sound amplifies these personas and social sub-cultures.

King of Punchbowl and Nastja are 2 of 18 prints that I interpreted through sound for the audio-visual exhibition Habitat. It can be viewed until June 24th at West Gallery Thebarton in Adelaide.

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