Listening to “Burden of Hope” by Alexi Keywan

Alexi Keywan’s Burden of Hope

The work of Alexi Keywan can be identified through her etched silhouettes of quotidian urban scenes. This is shown to a powerful effect in her Burden series. In Burden of Hope a billboard rises above the horizon and dominates the urban landscape.

In this work I was interested in the way the addition of sound could create a sense of the street-life moving underneath the billboards. I was interested in expanding Keywan’s frame. In Burden of Hope the addition of field recordings at a train station positions the billboard into a very specific urban location. Keywan’s billboard remains a strong and constant fixture as trains move beyond the perimeter platform.

Keywan’s Burden of Hope is one of 18 prints that I interpreted through sound for the audio-visual exhibition Habitat. It can be viewed until June 24th at West Gallery Thebarton in Adelaide.

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