Listening to “Art of Horticulture I” by Jan Davis

Art of Horticulture I by Jan Davis

Jan Davis is a gardener who recognises similarities in the discipline required in the studio and in the garden – the planning, the labour, the pleasure, and the documentation. Her aesthetic pursuits in the studio also have their reflection in the architecture of house and land and a relationship to the manner in which her house sits in the garden. A residency at Gunalan International Printmaking Base (China) delivered Davis a studio with an extensive view of their vegetable garden. The colour and brushwork in Art of Horticulture I show the influence of Chinese ceramics. The print exudes a sense of fecundity. I wanted to enhance this through the addition of field recordings taken in local gardens. Viewing the print we hear the sounds of garden life: the chatter of small birds and flying insects.  I also included manipulated recordings of Chinese chimes and bowls to lightly acknowledge the geographic context of the prints.

This and 17 more works will feature in the upcoming audio-visual exhibition “Habitat” at West Gallery Thebarton in Adelaide. The exhibition combines original prints by 9 of Australia’s most innovative printmakers with sound works interpreting each of the prints.

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