“Habitat” audio-visual exhibition. Melissa Smith’s Tidal Sweep II

Melissa Smith’s Tidal Sweep II

Tidal Sweep II is one of 18 prints to be exhibited in the upcoming audio-visual exhibition “Habitat” at West Gallery Thebarton in Adelaide. The exhibition combines original prints by 9 of Australia’s most innovative printmakers with sound works interpreting each of the prints.

The artist Melissa Smith prints with traditional and new technologies in order to portray the way in which climate change is affecting the landscape at both a local and global level. Tidal Sweep II depicts the sea and landscape of Deal Island in Bass Strait. It is an isolated place whose character shifts with the ever-changing weather.

When choosing how to interpret Smith’s print through sound I was immediately struck by the fine current lines surrounding the island. They suggest strength yet delicacy, they are fine lines with immense power. I tried to emulate this with the movement of processed tones that fade in and out throughout the piece. Alongside this I added layers of field recordings taken from the Tasmanian shoreline.

“Habitat” opens on May 25th. We hope to see you there.



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