Thalamus, the part of the brain that transmits sensory information and regulates consciousness, was originally designed for a piece in an upcoming sculpture exhibition.

After working on the sound for quite some time I decided it would overwhelm the viewing experience. Rather than discarding it Thalamus has found a new life here on soundslikenoise.

3 thoughts on “Thalamus

  1. Thalamus is absolutely beautiful. .
    I would love to know how it came about? I feel like its perfect just needs the right audience. .


    1. Happy to know you liked it 🙂 It’s not really a finished piece and I’ll probably return to it later to rework parts of it. It was originally meant to accompany a sculpture of a figure in a square. It looked as though the figure was in the middle of a breakdown. I added sounds according to this interpretation until reading that the artist hoped the figure depicted a sense of hope. Not wanting to impose my own interpretation upon it I dropped the sound work at that stage, and this is what has been posted here.


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