Auditory Visions: Threnody by G.W. Bot


Threnody by G.W. Bot (1993)

Threnody, a song of mourning, looks down upon a snowy landscape where stark trees break through a white surface. Named, in part, as a tribute to Peter Sculthorpe’s composition of the same title, the dominant sound for this work is a cello progressing in slow harmonic intervals. My aim was to acknowledge the musical connection identified by Bot whilst capturing the steady mood of her print.

This work was included in Auditory Visions, an exhibition of prints and sound created by myself and Rona Green. G.W. Bot is one of Australia’s most prominent printmakers. It was an honour to have her work included in the exhibition.

To learn more about the exhibition, and to view all of the works, please visit the Auditory Visions website.

2 thoughts on “Auditory Visions: Threnody by G.W. Bot

  1. Great Sound! Did you record it yourself? One track after the other or with an ensemble? Its very drifting. Space-like. thank you!


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