Auditory Visions: Travis Paterson’s “Drawn”


Drawn by Travis Paterson, 2015. Lambda print.


Auditory Visions is an exhibition combining prints with sound. Original prints by 7 of Australia’s most established and emerging printmakers were created with the intention to have sound added to them, this enhancing the 2D representations on paper. The soundscapes look beyond any literal interpretation and instead seek to listen to life beyond the frame, revealing hidden psychological layers. The exhibition runs for 6 weeks at the Lismore Regional Gallery.

Travis Paterson is an artist whose work often explores queer identities and histories. The Lambda prints Drawn is comprised of a large scan of an original Polaroid. Drawn presents an erotic and highly charged depiction of sexual desire. Using a Polaroid to translate found imagery Paterson has created an ambiguous portrait that speaks of loss and longing.

For this work I recorded the rhythmic click of a needle as it loops at the end of a record. The steady crackly beat provides a foundation upon which layers of sound stretch and fade above it.

You can view the entire Auditory Visions exhibition by clicking on this link.

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