Auditory Visions: exhibition of soundscapes and prints

Davis_Sant'Alvise III

Sant’Alvise III – Jan Davis (2014)
sugar lift etching with chine collé

Auditory Visions, an exhibition combining prints with original interpretive soundscapes responding to the artworks, will open at Lismore Regional Gallery on the 12th September. The exhibition features works by 7 established and emerging Australian printmakers. The worlds of sound and vision come together in this exhibition curated by printmaker Rona Green and myself.

For the purpose of the exhibition seven contemporary Australian printmakers were invited to contribute two works focussing on an environmental or personal space. In response G.W. Bot, Jan Davis, Rona Green, Alexi Keywan, Bruce Latimer, Travis Paterson, and Michael Schlitz have each created works depicting scenes of quotidian objects under a microscopic lens, exotic locations seen through dreams, and inner worlds rendered visible. Each work was made with the intention to be interpreted through a mix of field recordings and synthesised tones. The 3-minute sound pieces highlight visual and psychological elements within the prints.

Printmaking is a visual medium, but at its best it can trigger and inspire other senses. It is concerned with conveying sensory ideas of texture, space, smell and, in the context of the proposed exhibition, sound. Visitors to the Gallery will be able to listen to the interpretive soundscapes through media players located close to the works. The soundscapes will offer a viewing beyond a literal understanding of the prints, enhancing the viewer’s appreciation of the work in a way that is absent in 2D representations.

I am really excited to have worked with some of Australia’s finest printmakers in this exhibition. Auditory Visions showcases the work of some of our most talented printmakers whose diversity in style and content allowed for a variety of ways to place sound alongside the image. Visitors to the gallery will hear field recordings from the bottom of the Venetian lagoon to the outer edges of the atmosphere, each of which add additional layers to the ink on paper.

The print featured here is by Jan Davis. In 2014 Davis spent time observing the way in which light reflected from the ripples of the Venetian lagoon. While in Venice she completed Sant’Alvise III  for Auditory Visions. Rather than interpret the print with a literal soundscape I imagined the life that exists outside its frame. Thus the sound of church bells and musicians from a Venetian conservatorium blend with the sound of water lapping against the hull of a gondola, none of which are present in the print. Here, sound serves to refocus sight.

The entire Auditory Visions collection is now online. Please follow the link to view the works.

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