A small aside: recontextualising field recordings

One of the things I enjoy about posting my field recordings and compositions on this site is the unexpected ways in which they might be used by people working in other disciplines. That the recordings don’t remain fixed within the context that I have given them but instead have their significance broadened in the hands of others is often quite heartening.

Impressions by Trent Thompson

Recently Trent Thompson, a thesis student studying architecture at the University of Toronto, asked if he could use a number of recordings for a film he was working on named Impressions. An edited version can be viewed here. Recordings I made in the frozen world of Estonia and here in Australia have been used to complement his images of urban life.

When asked about the film Trent said with the city as protagonist and witness, the series offers
a loose and sprawling pool of images and repeating themes.The fanatic pursuit of the suchness of things finds source in the absence of incident.

Through a post-curatorial method, stills are juxtaposed,related and contrasted. The selection and arrangement of content, played alongside non-synchronous urban murmurs, are skewed by compositional exaggerations. It is with this torsion from which stories are generated:

A field of readings, peculiar relations, instances of ambiguity, points of disunity, mental transitions.

This might be the first in a few posts looking at the work others have done with my recordings. Each from different backgrounds and different stories to tell.

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