The colour of sound: orange


A short sample from the colour of sound: orange

To listen to the full version go to the Radio National Soundproof program.


Orange is the next colour to feature on the ABC Radio National series on colour and sound. In this episode we follow the story of Bainbridge Bishop who believed that sound could best be heard where two colours meet, that sonic energy vibrates between the shades of one colour to the next.

His inspiration?


Bishop describes the orange seen at twilight, a soft warm colour. It is this description that set the tone for this latest instalment in the Colour of Sound series.

I was happy to get the talented Australian actress Belinda McClory to read for this episode. Belinda might be familiar to you as the character Switch in The Matrix.

Only two more colours to go in the series, Indigo and Violet. I hope you get the chance to listen to them in the coming weeks.



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