Interview/Documentary: field recording and “sound art”



I was recently invited to curate a show about field recording and sound art for Soundproof on Australia’s ABC Radio National. For one hour Soundproof’s host Miyuki Jokiranta and I discussed the physicality of sound and soundscapes, listening to works by Hildegard Westerkamp, Andrea Polli, Richard Garet, Chris Watson, Heiki Vester, Jacob Kirkegaard.

My selection of pieces was intended to showcase the diversity of interests and styles that is explored by contemporary field recordists and artists working with sound. Join Miyuki and myself to listen to sounds from deserts to Antarctic research stations to huskies and helicopters to Mexican train lines to Norwegian killer whales to the vibrations of German bridges.

This show is now available to download directly from the ABC.

Heike_Vesterjacob kirkegaardAndreaPolliwesterkampOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERArichardgaret

4 thoughts on “Interview/Documentary: field recording and “sound art”

  1. Many congratulations JD!

    This was a fantastic opportunity for you to speak about and to promote the world of field recording and sound art that means so much to so many of us … and you did a really great job. And congratulations also to Australia’s ABC Radio National for allowing you the time and the space to do so. Your playlist was simply superb.

    And on a personal note, we’ve communicated many times via our virtual world but it was really good to hear your voice at last.


    1. Thanks Des. Yes, there is indeed a real person behind this blog!
      It was a really great experience curating the show, I’d love to showcase so many more works (though next time I will remember to bring a bottle of water with me … very croaky dry throat throughout the whole show!).


    2. This is so incredible and inspiring. I’ve only just discovered your website and it’s motivated me to set my alarm nice and early, to go and record sounds tomorrow! Thank you!


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