Participate in The British Library’s “inspired by” series.

Babylon Electrified_ the history of an expedition to restore ancient Babylon

The British Library’s “Sound and Vision” site has posted a challenge to people working with sound. The idea is to compose a sound piece, under 3 minutes, that is inspired by one of the 1 million images released by the British Library last year onto Flickr Commons.

I’m happy that my own sound piece, inspired by the above picture, was the first work chosen to be posted for the series. To listen to the work and to read more about the project visit the British Library’s Sound and Vision site.

3 thoughts on “Participate in The British Library’s “inspired by” series.

  1. Loved Babylon Electrified. Thank you for doing what you do. I have recently started wearing hearing aids and I have so much pleasure listening to the sounds on your blog. I’m rediscovering my world. Thank you


    1. Thanks for the positive feedback! I’m happy to know that the sounds here have been part of your process of becoming reacquainted with the world. I’d be interested to know more about your story.


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