Terraform: a new release.

Fragments from the past echo into the present, their ghostly trails drift together, here, in these last days.

A short sample from the composition Terraform:

I’m happy to announce the release of my latest work Terraform through Kaon records. Terraform is part of the La Rivière project curated by the French field recordist Cédric Peyronnet. The Rivière project requires its participants to remix field recordings taken by Peyronnet in the Taurion River region in France.

Terraform was composed during my residency in Estonia and back home in Australia. During this period I felt a lack of geographic belonging, a sense of disconnection existed between me and my surroundings. However as the composition developed it seemed as if a new world was being created, a psychological realm to inhabit, one built through sound.

Listening to Terraform I imagine two parallel worlds, one at the end of its days and the other at its birth; both lie in darkness, cold winds swirl over rocky terrain. We move between the two, witness to a beginning and an end.

Terraform can be purchased through Kaon records by following this link.

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