Sound in exhibition and installation contexts: a discussion with John Grzinich, Rudy Decelière and Jay-Dea Lopez.

Image courtesy of Rudy Decelière.

As part of my residency at MoKS I will be participating in a public discussion about working with sound in exhibition and installation contexts. Rudy Decelière and myself will talk about some of the sound work that we have exhibited in the past. The presentations will be followed by questions forwarded by John Grzinich and the audience.

The official statement for the discussion reads:

As the use of sound gains prominence as a viable form of artistic practice, questions and challenges continually arise on both conceptual and practical levels as how to “frame” and “exhibit” auditory works in what we understand to be traditional visual art contexts such as galleries and museums. Both Rudy Decelière and Jay-Dea Lopez have been working within these contexts and have developed their own outcomes but through different approaches. Rudy Decelière has a diverse profile of sound based installation works while Jay-Dea Lopez has recently been developing compositions to accompany works of visual art. By showcasing several examples of their works, we can address some of the personal issues they’ve dealt with and then open the discussion to the broader context, asking ourselves, in what ways can we as artists, curators and organizers effectively present sound based works both independent of, and in conjunction with other visual mediums.

If you are in the area and would like to come along the discussion starts at 6:00pm at the Genialistide klubi in Tartu. For more information please follow these links at MoKS and the Genialistide klubi.

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