In the Pines: field recordings in an Estonian Forest

DSC01484 copy
Each day in Mooste is begun with a walk along one of its quiet country roads or forest paths. This morning was quite windy and a bit difficult to record anything clearly so I was happy to simply meander past the village limits.

DSC01518 copy
This part of Mooste is reserved for farming with only remnants of forest dividing one farm from another. From the road the sound of the pine trees moving in the wind was clearly audible. The sound was enticing enough to have me scurry across the paddock and plunge into the patch of forest to record the wind:

DSC01506 copy
Shortly into recording the wind dropped and in its place icy pellets of snow began to drop onto the dead leaves of the forest floor. It was a nice experience to sit in a forest that was completely different from those in Australia while the snow continued to fall:

Before arriving in Europe I wondered if it would be challenging to hear the subtleties of its unfamiliar landscape. Although I haven’t heard a fraction of what would be known by the locals it is a pleasure to at least hear what lies at the surface. For now I’m enjoying the novelty of hearing snow, a very exotic sound indeed!

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