Contact microphones and a telecommunications tower


In the past few months I have really enjoyed recording the subtle vibrations of wire. Depending on the thickness and length of the wire, its tension and the movement of wind, there is an endless variety of unearthly sound to be heard with the aid of contact microphones.

In Australia I have seen a number of telecommunications towers with tension wires that have begged to be recorded. Unfortunately security fences surround each of them. This is not the case here in Estonia.

Just a ten minute walk from the MoKS residence is an elegant telecommunications tower that stretches into the sky without a security fence in sight. With contact microphones connected to the wires and headphones on I stood looking up at the tower and listened to the extreme low frequency of its vibration in the wind. It was an intense experience compounded by the unfamiliar Estonian terrain.

I hope to return there again in varying weather conditions to listen to the different tones and frequencies of the tower’s support cables. I had wondered if one month in Estonia might be too long but now I realise how short that time really is.

The frequencies are quite low and so are best listened to with headphones.

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