Venice, Day One: a dawn soundwalk.

Venice morn
After a 26 hour flight from Australia I am now enjoying the sights and sounds of Venice. A slight case of jet-lag allowed me to wake up early and take advantage of listening to the city without the stampede of the thousands of other tourists who walk the alleyways during the day.

Lagoon waves
Although I would normally try to avoid the cliched sounds of a place it would be hard not to document the soundscape of Venice without acknowledging the quiet laps of water against its walls.

Venice Morning

Since my last visit to Venice I have wanted to know what sounds lie beneath its surface. Lowering hydrophones into a canal near the hospital I was surprised at how much life could be heard scratching and popping from below. Somewhere in the distance the drone of an engine carried through the water.

Contact mics

With the aid of contact microphones a slight wind could be heard creating a deep and haunting tone on this wooden mooring post. This was an unexpected and satisfying sound to unearth. It is best listened to with headphones.

With five more days to be enjoyed in Venice there will undoubtedly be a lot more sounds to record. Till then …

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