Listening to an Electric Fence: a field recording

electric fence

Here in this idyllic rural setting the sounds of nature move in predictable patterns. Seasons are announced through the arrival of migratory birds and the rise and fall of rain, wind and stillness. Dissecting this farm at various intervals is an electric fence. Its steady pulse is a constant sonic feature throughout the year. On moist winter mornings its pulse penetrates the fog in short sharp snaps.

In the geographic context of this long winding valley the sound of the electric fence can easily be overlooked yet by placing contact microphones directly onto its surface the fence is moved to a central position. In this recording the pulse of the fence can be heard in its regular intervals. The Autumn wind breathes over the wire, adding an ominous tone to this electrical charge.

Best with headphones …

2 thoughts on “Listening to an Electric Fence: a field recording

    1. Hi Marco – thanks for the compliment. I used contact microphones directly on the electric fence. No, it wasn’t dangerous as the voltage is quite low (otherwise all the farm animals would be dead by now!), but I did get a small shock when I was placing the microphones on the wire.


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