The Autoharp: an old instrument finds a new voice

This autoharp, with its rusty metal strings, is too old and fragile to tune. At night insects occasionally fly into its network of strings causing it to resound discordantly in the dark. After gathering dust for several decades the time had finally arrived to revive it; to reanimate this once loved instrument. Thanks to 21st-century sound-software this autoharp has found a new voice, though its musicality is now quite different from the way it was originally heard a century ago.

This composition is best listened to through headphones.

8 thoughts on “The Autoharp: an old instrument finds a new voice

    1. Thanks Martin – I really enjoyed listening to your work on the zither. Some sustained tension/agony there. It’s all a process of reanimation isn’t it?
      When I inherited “the instrument” there was confusion about whether it is a zither or an autoharp. I was told it once had a device that rested over the strings which would make me think it’s an autoharp, though this part was missing. So, we may be working on the same instrument after all.


  1. Yes, they seem to be very alike, since your Autoharp is missing a chord blocker, I assume the difference (if there is one) is in extra strings – where left part of the zither has chord playing settings/groupings each consisting of seven strings.
    The fact that it is fretless and can resonate very massively for quite a small instrument made me wanna think of trying to make it all vibrate. Raw this time, but maybe I’ll find a way to make softer drones modifying the fan of the engine.
    Really, my favourite coincidence of this summer to hear someone I internetly know doing something quite similar with the same family instrument on the same day I was interpreting, let’s say, so topologically close premises.


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