Framework: Seasonal Issue no. 4, Spring 2013.

cd cover copy
A short introduction to Framework Radio’s recent show announcing the latest in their Seasonal
issues. The full show can be streamed or downloaded directly from Framework Radio
Twice a year Framework Radio releases a compilation of field-recording based works from around the world. Their latest release has selected my composition Catalepsis to be the opening track. This is the fourth in their seasonal series and it features field recordists whose various approaches and subject matter reflect the diversity of field-recording today.

The field recordists include:
Flavien Gillié, France Jobin, Francisco Lopez, Jay-Dea Lopez, Luís Antero,
Maile Colbert, Stefan Paulus, Terje Paulsen, and Yannick Dauby with Olivier Feraud

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Framework Radio is integral to the vitality of field recording. It promotes emerging and established artists who work in either field recording or field recording based compositions. In its own words Framework radio sees itself as an outlet for this ever-growing and developing
community, a folk-tool in a new folk movement, a community driven exchange point for creators and listeners alike. Framework‘s goal is to present not only the extremely diverse sound environments of our world, but also the extremely diverse work that is being produced by the artists who choose to use these environments as their sonic sources

Framework’s seasonal issues are part of a fund-raising drive to pay for the costs involved in running the program. For those who are interested in purchasing the Framework’s Seasonal
Issue no. 4 more information can be found here.

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