Sounds which Signal the Arrival of Spring in Australia.

Spring has arrived in Australia. After months of relative quiet the returning sounds of wildlife are signalling the change to longer and warmer days.
At a local car park bordered by eucalyptus trees a koala calls for a mate. The wild sound of the koala is slightly at odds with its cuddly appearance.

At night Eastern Dwarf Tree Frogs can be heard hundreds of metres away as they call from a nearby pond.

Once again our resident bush rats have returned, the late afternoons being punctuated by the sound of tiny feet rummaging for food amongst the dry grass and leaves. In the background the early Spring wind passes through the trees.

As if on cue a Moreton Bay Fig Tree is filled with birds one morning. Barely a sound had emanated from this tree during the colder months, yet one week before the official start of Spring it returned to life. A new season for field recording has begun.

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