Listening to Travis Paterson’s “Land, ho!” and “Anchors Aweigh”

Travis Paterson is a printmaker from NSW, Australia. Paterson’s work explores histories, both real and imagined, by sourcing imagery from old Primary School readers. Paterson is especially interested in the ways these images instruct and enforce masculinities and gender roles. By altering the original images Paterson constructs narratives that were often unavailable in the past, opening possibilities for the future.

When speaking of the works “Land, ho!” and “Anchors Away” Paterson says the sea and the nautical endure as symbolically rich and enticing metaphors. Although I have little desire to become physically seaward bound I have imagined a life of sailors, pirates, adventure; storms, shipwrecks, lost at sea; departures, navigation, arrivals.

The accompanying sound piece follows the boy as he sails away from the known world, floating upwards into his own dreamscape. A modified recording of a ship’s bell drones throughout the piece as the sounds of rigging and a boat slicing through water fade in and out.

To view more work by Travis Paterson please visit the Port Jackson Press site.

This is the final post for the Sound and Art series.

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