Listening to G.W. Bot’s “Resurrection Glyphs – Midday”.

G.W. Bot is a printmaker based near Canberra. Bot’s work often interprets the essence of the Australian landscape through abstracted forms which she terms “glyphs”. These trace the movement of trees, animals and humans in the landscape, accentuating the spatial dimension that exists between them. Living in close proximity to nature Bot reflects the cycle of life in her work, from birth to death to renewal. The abstracted quality of the glyphs move Bot’s work beyond a merely visual experience, opening them to suggestions of sound.

Resurrection Glyphs – Midday depicts an area ravaged by a bushfire. Blackened tree stumps stand under the unrelenting midday sun, while in the centre a single tree slowly re-emerges from the destruction of the fire. Viewing this print we can imagine the quiet that now pervades the area. Fire continues to crackle in the background, burnt stalks of grass sway in the wind, yet from the resurrected tree crickets and a lone cicada begin to sing.

To view more of G.W. Bot’s work please visit the Australian Galleries website.

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