Listening to Alexi Keywan’s “The Passenger no.6”.

Alexi Keywan is a printmaker and painter based in Melbourne. Keywan often chooses the urban environment as her subject, interpreting utilitarian scenes through monochromatic colours. Similar to the approach of many field recordists Alexi Keywan is interested in capturing the overlooked urban environment that lies before us, where power-lines connect anonymous buildings to the human world.

This sound composition looks upwards to the power-lines, capturing sounds that emanate from the sky. A helicopter drones in the distance, the sound of traffic floats in the air, and a power-box crackles as rain begins to fall.

To view more of Alexi Keywan’s work from this series please go to this page. An interesting interview with the artist can be viewed here.

8 thoughts on “Listening to Alexi Keywan’s “The Passenger no.6”.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Adding sounds to images has become a bit of an addiction. I hope people have enjoyed looking at the way our artists interpret the contemporary issues we have in Australia.


  1. Really nice work Jay-Dea! I find your composition works really well with The Passenger no.6. Great work. I’d love to hear a bit more on the technical side of things. Did you capture any of the sounds with contact mics?


    1. Happy to know you like it. The piece uses manipulated recordings made with a digital recorder. They include: a helicopter flying overhead whose file has been slowed down, traffic passing on a busy highway which has some delay effects thrown on it, and a brief recording of an electrical charge.


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