Listening to Rona Green’s “Greasy Rhys”.

Rona Green is a print-maker based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work explores urban sub-cultures through comic book-like depictions of hybridised figures. These figures, part-human part-animal, inhabit a space where body ornamentation is key. In Green’s work tattoos signal real life histories or project inner fantasies. These markings identify the subject within a particular subgroup whilst excluding others from that domain.

Greasy Rhys illustrates the hyper-masculinised world of sailors. The piece is typical of Green’s work, depicting a hybrid-figure adorned with a tattoo which clearly depicts the subject’s station in life. An interesting post by Green describes the thought process which resulted in this work.

This sound composition imagines the moment when Greasy Rhys gets his “Last Port” tattoo. At a noisy industrial dockyard he smokes one final cigarette before stepping into a tattoo parlour where he will be forever marked by the iconography of his subculture.

To view more of Rona Green’s work please visit her official site and her blog.

3 thoughts on “Listening to Rona Green’s “Greasy Rhys”.

  1. The phrase ‘forever marked by the iconography of his subculture’ is brilliant, and we’ve all been there. I wonder if I could review the whole ‘Listening to…’ series as an entire entity on The Field reporter, as I love the idea, love the different artists you’ve chosen and the brevity and variety of the sounds?

    Chris Whitehead


    1. Hi Chris – it would be a pleasure to have this series reviewed. It has been interesting delving into how sound and image can complement each other.
      I have one final work to complete the series, hopefully within a week.


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