Time Passes: a new release on Green Field Recordings.

How does sound measure the passage of time? This is the question considered in Time Passes, the second collaborative work by Luis Antero and myself.

Time Passes is a 7-track release which explores the way that natural sounds mark the movement of the sun from morning till night. Field recordings weave around guitar work, with each track signalling the passing of time as heard in the sub-tropical forests of the Mount Warning caldera in Australia.

Dawn is the first track from Time Passes, the early morning sounds of insects and amphibians blending with guitar.

To hear the full Time Passes release please download it from Green Field Recordings.

6 thoughts on “Time Passes: a new release on Green Field Recordings.

    1. Thanks. It was a really great project to work on. Most of the field recordings were taken over summer when the air is filled with sound. I returned to the mountain this morning, winter here, and it was so quiet in comparison.


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