LEA Ediciones – Emerging Territories project

A 4-minute sample from Emerging Territories. Visit the LEA Ediciones site to download the full piece.

Spanish sound artists Edu Comelles and Juanjo Palacios have launched a new net-based label LEA Ediciones, an extension of the Audiotalaia and Audition Records labels. LEA Ediciones seeks to support emerging field recordists and sound artists.

It was a great pleasure working on Emerging Territories a collaborative project with the Portuguese field recordist Luis Antero as one of LEA Ediciones’ first releases.

The idea behind the project was for us to separately create a 20 minute sound piece by combining field recordings from our respective regions. In doing so we would be constructing a new landscape, an emerging territory whose existence lay on the foundation of sound itself.

Good luck to Edu Comelles and Juanjo Palacios with their new venture, and thanks to Luis Antero for his participation in the project.

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