Rocky Creek Dam: a morning unfolds.

Rocky Creek Dam is situated on the southern edge of Nightcap National Park. At weekends the park is filled with the sounds of visitors enjoying the adjacent picnic area and surrounding rainforest walks. This post follows a morning’s progression at the park through sound.

Early in the morning, before car-loads of families arrived, the sounds of birds and frogs merged at one of the small lagoons by the dam:

As the morning sun grew stronger the tin-roof of a picnic shelter began to expand. In the background cars began to arrive:

As midday approached a family gathered around a bbq, children chased each other with water-balloons, crickets buzzed through the air:

I originally intended on taking some hydrophonic recordings at the dam, however the sounds above its surface told a more diverse story. It was a good lesson in being flexible when field recording – pre-conceived notions of what you might record are not always as rewarding as the unexpected.

2 thoughts on “Rocky Creek Dam: a morning unfolds.

  1. Really good work as always! I love the contrast between the three pieces, it makes for a really interesting post. I especially like the first sound piece, especially when I contrast these sounds with my early morning sounds in Paris. They couldn’t be more different!


    1. Thanks – it was a beautiful still morning so I was fortunate to collect some nice sounds out there. I was so amazed at the variety of bird-life at the lagoon in the first recording – aquatic and forest birds mixing in the same space. The sounds of families having their picnics was great too but I didn’t want to invade their privacy, capturing the man’s laugh was good enough for me.


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