Hot-air balloons and other early morning sounds – 2’00

It is with a degree of envy that we are woken some mornings to the sound of a hot air balloon flying overhead. Views over forested mountains and nearby beaches, a champagne breakfast, and a day without the usual drudgery of going to work all make the idea of an early morning in a hot air balloon very enticing.

From the ground it is still possible to share the experience of those above. Our valley becomes a part of the balloonists’ view and in turn their enjoyment. The roar of the balloon filling with hot air merges with the more earth-bound sounds of frogs and crickets, uniting the two spheres.

6 thoughts on “Hot-air balloons and other early morning sounds – 2’00

  1. We have (or at least we used to have) a hot air balloon fiesta here in Sergiyev Posad but it wasn’t the traditional drop-shaped balloons that flew over our heads during the weekend but something more off-the-wall like the flying tower, the Yellow Submarine (yes, the one you might have thought of), or even a Matryoshka doll. I’ve made a few recordings of this event for my blog but here is the photo of that very doll taken (not by me) from a hotel roof nearby And speaking of dinosaurs – we’ve had them too back in 2006!


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