Three Stages of a Storm

Last Sunday night a dramatic storm rolled through our chain of valleys towards the coast.

Stage 1:
The first indication that the storm was approaching occurred a couple of hours beforehand – the night air was unusually dominated by the electric sounds of crickets buzzing through the tree-tops.

Stage 2:
As tiny drops of rain began to fall a local colony of eastern dwarf tree frogs responded with their familiar sharp-cricks, distracting me from the thunder that was developing in the background.

Stage 3 :
Finally, after hours of vocalisations from the animal world the heavy rain and thunder arrived.

It is natural to focus on the dramatic moments within the sonic world, but this recording experience served as a reminder to appreciate the subtle sounds that surround us too.

8 thoughts on “Three Stages of a Storm

  1. Thanks Des – these storms are one of the pleasures of living in the sub-tropics. Rain falling on a tin roof is one of my favourite sounds but unless it’s at the right density it can just record as being too soft/heavy, so I was lucky this time.


    1. The first recording in this post is probably my favourite as I’d tried to capture the sound of the insects all last summer, and then suddenly there they were. It was a pretty spectacular evening.


    1. Thanks – a recent storm was so strong this summer that a lightning strike blew my phone out of the wall. All very exciting until it resulted in being without an internet connection for 2 weeks.


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