As the Sun Sets – 5’00”

Each evening as the sun begins its descent the piercing sound of cicadas fills the night air. It is a sonic reminder that summer is on its way.

Mostly silent throughout the day this species of cicada can make the transition to night a painful experience, especially as we move closer to summer. Their ability to hold a single high-pitched note for hours has been known to cause hearing loss, high-blood pressure and psychological strain.

This clip captures the moment when the last wave of cicadas reaches its conclusion for the evening; their voices less shrill than hours before. As they begin to fade the cane toads begin their nightly chorus, providing a welcome contrast to the sound preceding them.

3 thoughts on “As the Sun Sets – 5’00”

    1. I’m pleased that it has ended up at you new site, you’re doing a beautiful job with it.
      At the moment these evening sounds are quite seductive, but last year as the heat increased so did their volume. I must admit that I’m dreading the seemingly endless crescendo of this “flatline” sound this year, but that’s the price you pay for living amongst all the critters I guess.


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