When Cockatoos Come to Visit – 4’25”

The haunting call of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flying overhead has been on my “sound hunting list” for quite some time. So when a small flock of cockatoos, endangered in some parts of Australia, settled into our garden for an afternoon’s feast in the tree-tops it was more than I had hoped for.

In this recording they wreak havoc as they tear-off leaves and small branches in the search for insects. The cockatoos didn’t appear to be concerned at my presence, intent as they were in defoliating the trees. This allowed me the privilege of observing these huge birds for about 30 minutes before they flew away. It was hard to decide which sound was more impressive: their call, or their feverish decimation of the trees.

10 thoughts on “When Cockatoos Come to Visit – 4’25”

  1. Wow, this is a true exotic for me. Cockatoos in the wild… Very nice sound hunting shot, you should be so happy to finally catch this pretty bird.

    Convinced once again just how unusual and distant is world of Australia.


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