Minyon Falls

Minyon Falls is situated in Nightcap National Park, a World Heritage forest in northern NSW, Australia. The water from Minyon Falls plummets 104 metres into a small rock pool at its base. The crash of the water can be heard throughout the park, making itself a keynote in each of these field recordings.

The first clip records the sound of water hitting the rocks at the base of the fall. The force of the water produced a lot of wind and spray, creating a lot of problems in the recording.

The second clip captures the sound of water and birdlife a few hundred metres downstream from the waterfall.

Bird life is plentiful in the undergrowth of the forest at the top of Minyon Falls. The speed of the birds’ chatter is in contrast to the stillness of the forest canopy.

5 thoughts on “Minyon Falls

    1. Thanks Des – for such a simple recording it took quite a lot of time to position the recorder so that it, and I, didn’t get saturated or slide down the slimy rocks into the pool.


  1. Great… I’ve never seen waterfalls.
    Do you have a record made by hydrophones (I saw that you have some)? I was very attracted by the idea of ​​combining two sources of sound, “external” and “internal”.


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