The Morning After – 1’45”

The morning after the storm was dominated by the sounds of frogs and crickets. In a patch of long grass by this stream a small group of crickets communicated in an interesting way. Each cricket chirped in a pitch higher than the one preceding it. Pitch changes can be heard at approximately 24″, 52″, 1’23”, 1’30”, 1’34”. In the background the stream can be heard, full from the storm the night before.

2 thoughts on “The Morning After – 1’45”

  1. If I had not read the note about the crickets before listening, I’d rather think about a loose electrical contact. And yes – I followed the pitch and noticed the differences. May be the crickets are just showing their respect, something like – ‘let the oldest one speak first’, and after that the younger voices join in 😉


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