In the Shadow of the Mountain – 3’00”

In the Shadow of the Mountain features sounds recorded around Mt. Jerusalem National Park. The lively sounds of the forest during the day meet the more minute sounds of insects at night. Life within the shadow of the mountain is amplified into significance.

6 thoughts on “In the Shadow of the Mountain – 3’00”

    1. This is one of the great things about field recording – it magnifies natural sounds which are easily overlooked. All of the recordings in this soundscape originate from the hills in the photo. Some of the insect “clicks” have been altered to bring them into a steadier beat which is more distinct to the human ear. Otherwise the piece is a layer of sound upon sound. If humans become extinct these natural rhythms could easily continue without us. You’re right, it is as though we occupy the same space but live on different planets.


  1. what are some of the stranger sounds on here–can you identify? there are several pulsating and humming type sounds that i don’t think of as natural sounds. perhaps because i live in the u.s., where the natural sounds do not include the kinds heard on this recording.
    thanks for this amazing piece.


    1. Hi – all of the sounds come from the area that is pictured. The pulsating sound providing a beat is from crickets, and the humming is from cicadas. These have been added layer upon layer – their speed has been slowed down and their pitch changed. There are also lots of native birds – primarily cockatoos. They can be heard in the deeper bass sounds.


  2. I live in an inner city area of england and miss the sounds of my homeland Australia from the bush to the beach. I am glad to have found your site, and like your crips and clean recordings. It would be great to have longer time duration recordings. Thanks


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