Sounds from the Farm – 1’14”

An aural vignette from the farm – after a morning of heavy rain, a gaggle of geese pause in their walk around the farm to drink from a fresh pool of water. Beyond their “honking” calls it’s possible to hear the water slip down their throats before they walk away to drier ground. It is a small view into their private world.

3 thoughts on “Sounds from the Farm – 1’14”

  1. We both have very different sound tapestries available to us to record … mine comprises the streets sounds of Paris and yours the natural sounds of wonderful Australia. It’s good to know that we both do it with such enthusiasm.

    Your sounds are fantastic for me, a city dweller. Keep up the good work!


  2. Really a nice work! I love the sounds of the insects in the background!
    I’ve recorded once the calls of geese and ducks here in Rome, but while my recording has the velocity of the city, your has the quietness of the country and of the open spaces.


  3. Thanks to both of you for your comments. Even though these quiet moments can feel special at the time of recording, it’s always difficult to know if they will work for the listener.


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