The Outside – 3’26”

After spending time in these natural surroundings it is often difficult to adjust to the sights and sounds of the outside world. By layering and sustaining a number of organic and industrial sounds at high pitch this experimental piece attempts to create the sense of anxiety that the collision of the two worlds often creates.

2 thoughts on “The Outside – 3’26”

  1. deepsweet

    Wow!.. What a masterpiece. Seriously, I listen to lots of ambient, drone and electronic experiments and now I want this track into my playlist…

    Can you please share it in a lossless quality for downloading? Hope I’m not too late and you can do this.

    1. soundslikenoise Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to listen to so many of my sound posts – I’m happy that you are really interested in them and will send you an mp3 file shortly. It features the modified sound of my neighbour’s motorbike, cicadas, cows. I liked the conflict between the sounds of nature surrounding me and the distant mechanical sounds of my neighbour. It was a challenge to find the balance between the tension of a sustained sound (cicadas) and it just becoming too long/overwhelming.


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