Saddle Road – 1’31”

This is a recording of traffic as it passes by the sign above. For a few weeks the graffiti on this sign withstood all types of weather, until it was finally erased by the local council.
In the motorised world of signs and highways it seemed especially poignant to read something tangibly emotional.

4 thoughts on “Saddle Road – 1’31”

  1. I find this soundscape strangely evocative; something about the impersonal nature of highways and the the way they make an unforgiving backdrop to any wobbly inner goings on. The photo and sound combo conveys it beautifully.


    1. I’m happy that you are looking at some of the older recordings. I was attracted to this road because of the incongruity between the emotional content of the graffiti and the more inhuman sounds of traffic and cicadas (always a favourite of mine). This road is close to where I live, the name has a bit of a Cowboy and Western feel to it.


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